“brilliantly blends familiar aspects of the American jazz and improvising traditions with elements of contemporary classical, folk, rock, Balkan and Jewish influences… [Kardonne] will one day be looked upon as one of Canada’s important composers, outside of any considerations of genre.”  David Restivo

invigorating, exciting, refreshing… quote me on that

Jane Bunnett

Adventurous composition and a wild array of influences combine for a cool and unique sound.

Alan Davis, Small World Music

…an absolutely fantastic debut album. Kardonne is definitely one of those musicians who we should all be watching out for as she takes Canada and the world by storm with her original and incomparable musical style.”

Myles Rosenthal, The Canadian Jazz Review

“Unconventional vocalist Tova Kardonne is a brave composer and astute arranger. The Thing Is, her Balkan-Jazz-Funk Fusion 8-piece band, is devoted to odd time signatures and raised elevenths; it’s challenging, refreshing and highly rewarding in a real listening room.”

-Ori Dagan, The WholeNote Magazine

Kardonne’s voice is dynamic and full of range, from gentle alto jazz and cabaret crooning to high-octave falsetto scat. Yet what shines brightest from The Thing Is is a remarkably mature songwriting and arrangement sensibility for such a young group of artists; and an equally rich palette of musical influences from late 19th century Eastern European orchestral music to hard bop to contemporary fusion. No less a seasoned veteran than flautist Bill McBirnie commented on the challenge of stepping up to Kardonne’s music on this night as a substitute for flautist Amy Medvick.”

Sebastian Cook of The Live Music Report, July 2008:

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