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Inspired by my journey with my partner, Nilan, in Sri Lanka last year, these are the sounds of my confrontation with that completely unfamiliar, yet unexpectedly recognizable, world.

Sundays in February 2014 at the REX Hotel in Toronto, 7-9 pm.

Tova Kardonne- voice, composition

Mike Wark- flute

Peter Lutek- alto sax, clarinet

Ali Berkok- piano

Ted Quinlan- guitar

Jim Sexton- bass

Mark Segger- drums

CD image small

The Thing Is CD Exerpt

The Thing Is has been playing Tova’s compositions since 2006 . Between the Eastern European and South African music of her immediate ancestry, and the proggy, funky, Brazilian-South Indian-Cuban delights of her home town of Toronto, it’s all reckless rhythm and tipsy, sexy groove, telling the heart’s stories from a whirling storm of harmony. The release of The Thing Is debut self-titled CD in April 2012 was a Toronto Jazz Festival Special Project, and has been followed by collaborations, commissions, and plenty of fancy-flights.

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